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21 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale

By Dylan Foote
29 November 2021
21 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Are you ready to sell your home?

Don’t just list your property without any preparation. Minor touch-ups inside and outside the property could be a great impression on potential buyers.

Get rid of some of the clutter, clean out your closet, remove any excess furniture and do some cleaning!

  • Clean, Clean, Clean!!Polish the appliances to leave them sparkling, give the windows a thorough wash, dust any visible surfaces such as fan blades etc. Keep on top of the cleaning every few weeks.

  • Smells.Pay attention to any odour in the home. Try not to cook any strong smelling foods the day of showing as the smell can linger throughout the property.

  • Clutter.You as the seller are wanting the buyers to see how awesome your home is not how messy it is. For example, move the shoes from the entry and put them in the wardrobe.

  • Repaint.Feature walls or bright colours may put some buyers off. Paint over the feature wall with a more neutral colour.

  • Simple décor.Keeping the décor simple and not having prints etc. through the home will get buyers to imagine themselves in your home.

  • Personal Items.Buyers want to envision themselves in your home. Remove any art work that the kids have made or any family photos that have in the home.

  • Light!Open the windows and the let in the light. Add a lamp to an area that may be a little dim. The room will look bigger and more inviting.

  • Bring Nature Inside.Have some fresh flowers or a pot plant inside to fill the empty corner.

  • Bulky Furniture.Furniture should fit the room, if furniture is oversized it will make the space look small.

  • Closets.Keep your closets organised. Storage is important when buying a home.

  • To-Do List.All the little things that you have been meaning to attend to need to be completed. Set yourself a goal and get these done before marketing your property.

  • Faux ‘renovation’.If your kitchen is a little out dated, you can replace the handles or fixtures.

  • Purposing a room.Give the spare room a purpose. Maybe an office or guest room. Dress it up and show the buyers what purpose it is for.

  • Turn the bathroom into a spa.Create a relaxing, luxurious bathroom! Add some scented candles, maybe a stack of washcloths and some bathmats in coordinating tones.

  • Close the toilet!When photographing or showing a property this will make a great difference.

  • Turn the living into conversation central.Group your furniture that will inspire conversation. This will help buyers see themselves relaxing with a group of friends.

  • Keep the flow going.People don’t want to be bumping into any furniture when they are touring your home.

  • Make something yummy.Put out some fresh baking. This makes a ‘homely’ smell throughout.

  • Make it looked ‘lived in’.Adding a chair and tray with a cup of coffee and a good book will turn the empty corner into a sunny reading nook.

  • Focal points.Adding a special feature or bright pillow to the window seat will draw the buyers’ attention to that area and show it off.

  • Boost the curb.Don’t spend all your time focusing on the inside of your property. Make sure the exterior looks just as good.

Remember that the first impression goes a long way!

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