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What is Home Staging?

By Dylan Foote
28 February 2017
What is Home Staging?

Making a good first impression is everything when selling your home. Home staging is an amazing way to make a great impression on buyers and increase a property’s selling price while decreasing selling time.

So what is Home Staging?

Home Staging is basically dressing up your home as best as possible for open homes and Sale. You’ll have an interior designer come in an curate each space in your home.

When presenting a home for sale, designers will take into consideration the era, Layout, personality, and the colour scheme. It also very important to think about the prospective buyers. Styling a home with the intention of selling requires a different mindset.

It cannot be about personal taste. It’s all about creating space that is neutral and adaptable enough for buyers to add their own personal touch. 

The aim is to make buyers feel at home when they tour your property. Home staging provides the buyer with an idea of how furniture could be placed in the home and how much space here will be available once furnished.

Why should I Stage My Home?

  1. Get the Highest Price for Your Home
    A well-staged home is very appealing. It looks inviting, comfortable and simple. It creates a strong desire from buyers.

  2. Helps with Procrastination
    Your designer will want the home decluttered and depersonalised. It needs to be done so best to get it done early.

  3. Staging Will Teach you a Few Things
    You may have never had an Interior designer or decorator before. You probably had to do it all yourself, but a designer might just show you something better, or some tricks you can take with you to your new home.

  4. You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression
    You’ve lost time and money. Buyers respond when they walk into a home that has been professionally staged. It’s no fake, it’s more than just placemats and wine glasses on the dining table. When done right, it makes them see just how good it could be living in your home.

How do I arrange Home Staging?

Your Real Estate Agent will likely have access to an Interior Designer and can arrange it for you. If you’re set on DIY we’ve got some best practices and places to start here on our blog:

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If you have any questions about the above information or would like to speak with an expert real estate agent about selling your home, contact us today for your free property appraisal or call Dylan Foote on 027 473 8371.

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