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Why You Should Declutter Your Home

By Dylan Foote
27 January 2018
Foote Tips
Why You Should Declutter Your Home
Decluttering your home and staging it before placing it on the market results in a faster sale and premium result! The failure to declutter years of accumulated stuff is a common mistake that many sellers can make.

Clutter makes it very hard for prospective purchasers to see the true potential of the home, and cause them to scratch your house off their list because instead of seeing all of the great features that your home has, they will only see your stuff. 

You aren’t selling your things, so start packing them away for your new home.

For most of us, the thought of getting rid of years of accumulated clutter in our home is very overwhelming. One way of thinking about it is you will have a head start on your packing.

Why should you declutter your home?

Decluttering is the most important and time-consuming step of home staging. A cluttered home can give buyers the impression that the home is dirty. A big mistake is that vendors can make is not decluttering and keeping their home clean. Decluttering forces you to finally deal with delayed home organization and unfinished projects.

Don’t let home buyers miss the beauty of your home. Every room in the house is important if buyers unleash an avalanche of objects when they open closet doors they will instantly assume that there is not enough space in the home. Buyers like to see that there is plenty of closet space.

Often we hear vendors say “but this is my style, this is how I want the house to look, this is the way it looks the best” but it’s important to remember that, your style might not be for everyone, making your home appealing to as many prospective buyers will make it sell faster and for the most reasonable premium price. Your Style has a place in your new home.

How to Start Decluttering.

  1. Instead of trying to declutter the entire house at once, select one space at a time.

  2. Start with small spaces first, this means you will see progress faster and feel encouraged to move onto bigger spaces.

  3. Work in short time frames. Set a timer for 30 minutes and tackle just one area. Increase the time frame as you become more efficient.

  4. As you declutter each room you will also have the opportunity to give the rooms a deep clean, accomplishing two tasks at once.

A clean house is a must if you’re planning to sell. Nothing turns off prospective purchasers more than a dirty, cluttered home.

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